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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

C is for Cookie and Cross-Stitch

Mindy's cousin, Peggi, was one of Jack's first visitors. She made the trip from Charlotte, NC when Jack was just two weeks old and stayed with us for a week, helping Mindy with newborn care and household stuff and doggie walking when Mindy needed it the most after her c-section. (CLICK HERE to see the previous blog post and pictures of her visit.)

Peggi wanted to do a cross-stitch piece for Jack so she and Mindy headed to a needlepoint store during her visit. They leafed through dozens of designs, found a pattern, and then poured over drawers of different colored thread to find the perfect combination of hues.

Here's the finished product. The iPhone picture washes out the colors a bit which are bold and really pop in person. It looks spectacular with the red border which complements Jack's room perfectly.

Thank you Auntie Peggi!

Is it too early to share a little Holiday cheer?

Not if it's this cute! Mindy's Aunt Barbara discovered digital scrapbooking when she retired a few years ago. Along with her sister and Mindy's other aunt, Polly, they also design digital templates and started a blog called 2SistersCreativeDesigns. You can find their blog at

We were thrilled to have one of their templates feature Jack and coincidentally this picture is from the "Red Chair" series that is one of our very favorite collections of pictures. Love it, love it, love it!

Aunts Barbara & Polly

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick

Jack has been sitting unsupported for a while now and has suddenly started to lunge forward onto his hands and stomach when reaching for a toy. Crawling can't be far behind. In some ways, we're always anxiously awaiting the next steps and we want to see him crawl and walk. On the other hand, we know that's a whole new ballgame and those days of letting him play on the floor with one eye on him and one eye on the blog will be behind us. In any case, we're enjoying every minute as it unfolds. Watch below as he lunges forward and peaks Stella's curiosity.

This pre-crawl maneuver concurrently started with him pulling himself up in his crib. Jack can now pull himself up to his knees - but thankfully not all the way up yet so we have time to lower that crib mattress!

Oh Garçon!

Wine country is beautiful this time of year -- sunny, perfect temperature, grape vines are starting to turn fall colors. And if we were true oenophiles then I would go on and on about the end of "crush" and the (grape) harvest season. Oh sure, we go for a tasting now and again but we mostly go for the food because, well, its some of the best food in the nation. We escaped the fog this past weekend and drove to Napa's Bistro Jeanty for lunch and the bakery at Bouchon for dessert. It was a perfect day.

CLICK HERE for a few more pictures of us enjoying the day.

AND CLICK THE SHORT VIDEO below to watch Jack play with Tom:

Friday, October 2, 2009

Recent Random Shots to Share

UPDATE 11/3/09: Courtesy of Aunt Polly:

I heart winter squash.

Bubble time at Gymboree is fascinating!

Mom's a germ-phobe.