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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kids Party at Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma puts on a Kids Holiday Party each year for the staff. They block several conference rooms on 3 floors and reserve them for facepainting, crafts, cookies and milk, and pictures with Santa against an (appropriately) Pottery Barn-esque background. (Pottery Barn is part of the suite of brands under Williams-Sonoma). Fun!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sadly Saying Sayonara to Sarah

 We have a wonderful nanny, Sarah, that has taken care of Jack since Mindy went back to work in April. She is going back to school at the beginning of the year and while we are happy for this positive turn in her life, we are all sad not to have her in our lives each day.

Sarah cheerily greets Jack and Stella every morning and the routine begins: Stella jumps on her and begs for pats while Jack clings to Mom until he's in his highchair and feeling satisfied eating anything yummy that Sarah concocts. Sarah sings along to a playlist of Sesame Street tunes, the Wiggles, and Christmas music while she helps Jack with breakfast. It's all very sweet. There are playdates, playgrounds, and playtime on the living room floor during the days. And Jack bends down to look through the grate in the door as Sarah leaves down the stairs at the end of the day.

We'll miss you Sarah!