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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make Yourself Comfortable

Stella started snoozing and before you know it, her head fell out of the soft sided bed and rested comfortably (presumably) on the rug!

Snuggle Nest

Jack made a snuggle nest with his red robe, slippers, stuffed lamb, Spiderman pillow, and assortment of loveys. He was so happy being all snuggled up in its softness.

Hiking in Glen Canyon

I was interested in doing something new one recent weekend, so Jack and went "to the woods" and did a little hiking. I thought it would be nice to get away from the city's hustle and bustle and expose Jack to the joy of nature.

We didn't wander far and opted to go to Glen Canyon in San Francisco. The canyon felt like a world away. All your senses were challenged -- it was strikingly quiet and you could hear the birds flying above you, the smells were different (like eucalyptus and wet leaves), and there were few people in sight.

I brought along a big baggie for Jack to put his treasures in.

We climbed up a set of stairs and walked along the ridge that led us past some rocks formations, to another set of stairs, and up a hill where we sat and rested before making our way slowly back down.

CLICK HERE for more pictures.


Jack has been interested in writing his name and recently did a pretty good job!