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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time flies: 1 month old

Jack is now one month, and what a difference a month makes!

As previously mentioned in an earlier post, Jack has grown an inch and gained 1 lb 3 oz and is now 9 lbs. All right on target.

He no longer looks at you with blind wondering newborn eyes, and instead focusses intently on your face. He still looks for contrasts and mostly studies your hairline, eyes, and glasses.

Jack was sleepy for the first couple of weeks and is much more alert now and for longer periods of time during the day. These times are fun and we take these short opportunities for "tummy time" or storytime.

He feeds every 2-3 hours and we are starting to figure out a pumping schedule that will allow us to introduce a bottle. With a bottle, we are less dependent on his feeding schedule and can look forward to longer trips outside. As well, Tom will be able to feed Jack and more bonding time.

Jack is now at a weight where we can try different carriers and he is currently getting used to the Baby Bjorn.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Week 3 recap - "Just Call Me Lola"

Mindy's Mom, Linda, arrived Saturday 03-19-09 from Boston and we were all excited for her arrival.

As an independent soul and a first time grandparent, she prefers to go by "Lola" (meaning Grandmother in Filipino) instead of the usual Nana or Grandma. Linda's sister, Nancy, even had her graphic designer friend make a shirt for Linda to illustrate that she prefers you to "Just Call Me Lola". The shirt is in Linda's favorite color too, aqua blue. Linda is wearing the shirt at left and in the pictures at the link below.

This week was an exceptionally warm week in San Francisco with bright sunny weather, so we took Jack and Stella for several long walks and took the opportunity to sit outside and eat leisurely lunches.

Stella loved Linda and often broke into her room to wake her up with sloppy kisses or nudged her to play tug-o-war. From the picture above, you can see that Linda loves Stella too, though she often found that Stella can be quite a handful when we go for walks since she is nearly 50 lbs of muscle and can easily drag you down the sidewalk!

Jack also loved his Lola - especially when he would sit in her arms for an hour as he drifted off to sleep as she sung to him. These times were poignant to watch and Mindy was grateful for the time that it allowed her to do the simple things like take a shower or take Stella for a walk.

At the end of her visit, we went to the pediatrician for Jack's 1 month checkup. Jack grew one inch and is now 9 lbs - right on target. "Perfect" is how Dr. Simons described Jack - no kidding. And then "precocious" when Linda described how she swears Jack responds to her smile with a smile of his own (DonnaA, we're talking to you :). Perfect and precocious - right on.

CLICK HERE for more pictures of Jack, his Lola, and Stella during her visit.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Will Follow

Did you know that you can "follow" our blog and receive an email each time there is a new posting to

That way you instantly know whenever the site is updated, without having to randomly check back.

If you want to receive an email each time is updated, simply click on the "Follow" link now in the upper right corner and follow the instructions.

Jack says, c'mon and try, it's easy!

Time to Wake Up Little Boy

Monday, March 16, 2009

Handcrafted & Personalized Thoughtfulness

Jack is fortunate to have many very generous friends who have lavished him with clothes, books, blankets, and toys. There are a few handmade and personalized items that we thought were especially thoughtful and we wanted to share.

CLICK HERE for pics.
- Mindy's Aunt Nancy knitted the soft baby blue sweater.
- Mindy's cousin, Kari, sewed the quilt that beautifully complements the nursery.
- Mindy's cousin, Debra, sent the personalized blue blanket with Jack's name, weight, and length. -
- Mindy's Mom knitted the cute baby blanket with the heart design and mint green border.
- Tom's Aunt Carrie knitted the multicolored baby blanket that is of the same design her grandfather created for her when she was born. (Pictured at left).

Birth Announcement

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Week 2 recap -- Auntie Peggi arrives

At two weeks of age, Jack is back up to his original birth weight which is right on target.

Auntie LindaR from San Francisco made us her special turkey chili with enough to freeze for several more hearty meals. The chili is delish and very much appreciated!

Auntie Peggi arrived on Friday 03-06-09 from Charlotte, NC and stayed with us for a week. Peggi has lots of energy and love so Jack and Stella took to her immediately. Jack secured another doting fan and Stella was spoiled with lots of attention and naps on Peggi's bed. She was so helpful this week with making us dinner, making and freezing several weeks worth of food, assuming Stella-duty and walking her up and down 2 flights of stairs several times a day, doting over Jack and ensuring he is changed, and generally keeping the house in order. Sharing Jack's early days with Peggi has been special because she is like Mindy's sister. With everyone's busy schedules, we're grateful she took time from her life to share this moment in ours.

CLICK HERE for more pictures of Jack, Stella, and Peggi during her visit.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Open House: Sunday, 03-01-09, 12 - 3pm -- Meet Jack Blossom

We held an Open House this past weekend to introduce our friends to Jack. Several friends dropped by and Jack was good while being passed around from one person's arms to the next. Stella peed on the rug (thanks to Renea for coming to a swift rescue) but whatever - we're pretty sure everything in the house is now going to be christened with pee or poop at least once in the coming months.

CLICK HERE for pics with Jack in the arms of some of our friends.