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Friday, June 24, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist

I have a dental phobia -- in fact, my dentist has a phobia of me too and announced recently that he couldn't "give me what I needed" so he dropped me as his patient. My phobia runs so deep that I had to have a root canal and crown a couple of years ago and paid mighty handsomely to a "sedation" dentist who hooked me up to an IV so I would black out and could make it through the procedure.

But I digress. Jack has a lifetime to make his own judgements about the dentist so we ensured his first trip to the dentist was a positive one.

We chose Dr. Nancy Hsieh, a pediatric dentist. Before our first visit, we were sent a little personalized book to prep Jack for what he would see and who he would meet. We read how we would meet "Dr. Nancy" and her helpers, saw the big chair that he would sit in, and the instruments that would be used (Mr. Thirsty, Mr. Wind, and Slim).

We were greeted enthusiastically when we arrived and played with some toys in the waiting area. When it was our turn, we passed a counter stocked with rolls of stickers and little toys where Jack could take a sticker and toy of his choice at the end of our visit.

Jack was shown how to brush his teeth using a stuffed fish outfitted with dentures as an example. Then he was allowed to chose his own brush and tried himself. Dr. Nancy and crew polished his teeth, flossed (yes!), and scraped a bit.

Once it was all over, Jack received a goodie bag filled with dental goodies and then we chose an Elmo sticker and toy car at the counter on the way out.

Jack was amazing through it all - never once shirked or squealed or fainted. Mom was so proud.

CLICK HERE for more pictures of Jack's first visit to the dentist.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Soccer Tots

Now that the rain is finally pushing out until the Fall, we signed Jack up for a soccer class on the weekends for a little outdoor fun.

We started SoccerTots last weekend and are looking forward to a great season. The classes are held on one of three mini-fields that were built on a pier on the Embarcabero, along the Bay and at the base of Coit Tower.

The Teddies class is filled with 2-2.5 year olds. All the kids received a uniform of green t-shirts and socks, and white shorts on the first weekend. Then they hit the field and it was mayhem. Lots of kids running around and camera-toting parents following them around like proud paparazzi (ourselves included).

The kids start with some stretching and learn to listen to the coach and follow instructions. To start with, they are learning to balance and kick the ball.

The coaches stave off boredom with lots of games using cones, hula hoops, and parachutes. At the end, each kids gets their hand stamped.

I think it will be a few seasons before we actually play a real game in teams, but in the meantime Jack loves to yell "SoccerTots!" and is excited about going to class so we're enjoying the moment and looking forward to that first future game.

CLICK HERE to see more pictures of Jack on the field.

Memorial Day weekend

We rented a house in picturesque Monterey with Tom's cousins over the Memorial Day weekend. We had a full house of 15 people at one point so Jack was guaranteed lots of attention. The house fit us all more than comfortably and was complete with a hot tub and pool table, and even a playground and tennis court within a couple of blocks. We were also just minutes from the Monterey Aquarium and wharf area. Here's a few quick pics:

Jack found the kitty next door
At the Monterey Bay Aquarium
A windy day with Daddy on Carmel Beach

We found a catepillar

Music Together

During the winter and early spring, we attended a great music class with Jack on Saturday mornings called "Music Together".

The class is interactive with lots of music makers and games, and Teacher Bevin leads the class through songs and fun. We have so much fun at the class that we hired Bevin for Jack's 2nd birthday party. At the end of class, the kids say bye-bye to all the drums, egg shakers, and other instruments and the kids push the container back into place -- check out the video below:

And CLICK HERE for more pictures.

Random Pictures

Mister Cool Jr.
In the dog bed, thankfully it was just washed