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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Mindy

This weekend.
Walked into Kate's Kitchen to grab breakfast.
What to order?
"The Mindy" of course!

East Meets West

Our friends, Maggie and Scott, recently visited from Long Island with their nearly 2 year old, Lola.

We've been fortunate to see each other a time or two each year, but it's never enough as Maggie is one of Mindy's oldest and dearest friends, and those months between visits translate into big milestones for the kids.

Lola is now a walking and talking little girl and Jack is a rambunctious toddler -- much different than the last time when we met up last Christmas. They had fun having free reign of the house, playing bubbles, and having Stella at eye level. Stella loved the attention of our equally dog loving friends. And we always enjoy the company of Maggie and Scott and missed them all as they fly away back East after a too short trip.

CLICK HERE for a few pics of Lola.

CLICK the video below to see Scott sharing his chocolate icecream with Lola who is loving it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sleeping Bag

Jack just misses the age cutoff for preschool this year, but we wanted to build on his social skills and felt he was ready for a more structured learning environment. So, we decided to enroll him in a PRE-pre-school of sorts. In this transitionary school, he will be in a small class of 12. There are 2-3 teachers each day that lead the kids through circle time, daily science/art/music/cooking activities, outdoor time, and naptime. We've brought Jack over a couple of times for a half day at his new school and he's taken to it very easily. The kids each have a mat for naps in the afternoon -- we opted for this cute sleeping bag with built in pillow. Jack already loves his sleeping bag. Hopefully, the transition from Nanny to school will be just as easy.


As many of you know, we have a wonderful nanny (Alessandra) that takes care of both Jack and another little boy during the day, Wyatt, who is the same age as Jack -- a "sharecare" arrangement. Wyatt and Jack are like two peas in a pod, running around all day, sharing and fighting over toys, and then starting the day excitedly to see each other again. Jack will be starting pre-pre-school in the Fall and it will be interesting to see the adjustment from being with Sassa and Wyatt each day to a more structured day with a dozen classmates.