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Monday, February 22, 2010

Toddlerdom, Here We Come

Jack turned one this past weekend and we had a birthday bash to celebrate his (and our!) milestone. Lots of friends came by - many of whom held Jack for the very first time when we had our Open Houses to meet Jack a year ago (CLICK HERE for pictures from our first Open House, and CLICK HERE for pictures of our second Open House).

Grandpa and Grandma Blossom came to visit from Portland, OR and we had an afterparty of opening presents and visiting with Tom's cousins who drove from Sacramento to see his parents.

The piƱata was a hit with the kiddos. No whacking involved - just pull each of the strings, only one of them will open the trap door and release all the goodies.

We played with a modern blue and yellow Monkey party theme and feasted on french toast, quiche, fruit salad, and other brunch fare on monkey plates with homemade monkey cupcakes for dessert. Made from scratch by Mindy (yes, true story, that's not a typo :)

We have very generous friends and family and Jack received several wonderful gifts. One of the most inspired and fun birthday wishes Jack received was from his friend, Lola, in NY (thanks to her creative Mom and Dad, Maggie and Scott!):

CLICK HERE for more pictures of Jack's first birthday bash.

to look back a year to February 2009 and read about the day he was born, and see newborn pictures and videos.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Monkey Boy Series

Jack recently received a super soft blanket from his favorite Auntie C for his birthday (thanks Christabel!) .

The blanket has a cute hood with a monkey design and is so soft and cuddly that it deserves its own series.

CLICK HERE to check out the Monkey Boy series.