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Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Toys & New Discovery

Jack is now 4 months old and is beginning to actively play with his hands, feet, and toys. He is a curious little boy who likes to sit up, look out, and explore. At our recent well-baby visit to the pediatrician we learned he is 18 pounds (that's 92nd percentile, making him bigger than 92% of kids his age!) and 25 inches long (80th percentile). Definately a bruiser.

Here's a look at Jack with his new toy, a Baby Einstein Activity Center. He can bear his weight on his feet now and loves to stand up so this Activity Center is ideal with its seat that allows him to stand up supported and play. The seat swivels 360 degrees for access to the different toys, though he's not strong enough yet to spin himself around. The Center is introducing him to color, shapes, textures, animals, nature, language and music -- the buttons with animals on them even say the name of the animal in english and spanish. While Jack seems to dig it, our skittish perro, Stella, is still a little wary of this huge contraption sitting in the middle of our living room.

Jack also has a swing that he has had since he was born. But it is only this week that he has discovered there is a motorized mobile hanging above his head with a mirror. Click the quick video below to watch him discover his image in the mirror above.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grandpa Jimmy Arrives

Mindy's Dad, Jimmy, arrived from Boston on May 27th for two weeks. It was his first visit with Jack and we were all very excited to have him stay with us.

Jack immediately took to Grandpa Jimmy who loved to hold, dance, and play with him at every opportunity. He delighted in pushing Jack's stroller as we went for long strolls together around the 'hood and with Stella to the dogpark, making friends with the neighborhood's cast of characters while periodically cooing over Jack while popping his pacifier back in.

Every day Grandpa Jimmy proudly declared that Jack is the "handsomest kid he has ever seen" and promptly nicknamed him "Senor Guapo" (that's Mr. Handsome in spanish). Jack would return Grandpa's enthusiasm with a big smile at the sight of him or the sound of his voice.

Jimmy has lots of energy and also made Tom and Mindy smile with all of the help he provided from clearing out, cleaning and rearranging the garage, pantry, and foyer, to cooking up a storm with enough food for us to freeze for later, to giving Stella some extra attention. He spoiled us by whipping up delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every day.

Tom and Jimmy spent some time at the driving range and Tom got a few pointers that improved his swing. Mindy and her Dad went to Baby Rhyme Time where they sang songs with Jack. CLICK below for some videos from Baby Rhyme Time.

Jimmy was also excited to reconnect with some relatives in the Bay Area. He visited with his favorite uncle who was a mentor to him as a kid and visited with several other relatives who were just babes, or not even born, when he left the Philippines for the US 47 years ago. He entertained us all with stories from his life in the Philippines, the US Navy, and the time afterwards when he settled in Boston and petitioned for his entire family - Mom, Dad, and 10 brothers and sisters - to move to the US.

CLICK HERE for pictures of his visit with Tom, Mindy, Jack, and Stella.

CLICK HERE for pictures of his visit with his Bay Area relatives.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to Add a Comment

We were recently asked how you add a comment to a posting. Did you know that you can share your thoughts and add a comment to any post on

It's simple. Anyone can add a comment - you don't need a login or anything special.

Here's how:

1) Click the link that says " # comments" at the bottom of the section you want to comment on. It looks like this:

2) Next, you'll see this. Just type your comment in the box.

3) Where it says "Select Profile", select "Anonymous" (be sure to sign your name in your comment or else we won't know it's from you! See the example above.)

4) Click "Post Comment" and that's it. Your comment will be posted and look like the below from "Anonymous".

Did you notice that there is another comment above from "Mommy Julie"? If you are one of the twelve people who are already "following" our website (like Mommy Julie does), then sign in and select the appropriate profile in Step 3. For instance, choose "AIM" if you are subscribed with an AOL email. When you post your comment, it will be from the name you chose in your profile. If you don't know what this means, then ignore it since it probably doesn't apply to you or email us if you have problems.

Share your thoughts with us, we love to hear your comments!