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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Booboo and Boogers

Booboo: Jack took a spill last weekend at the playground and scraped the skin near his right eye - just the first of many playground mishaps, we're sure.

Boogers: he's had a runny nose for a week now. But then again, he gets a little runny nose for a couple of weeks nearly every other month or so.

Neither of these were going to prevent us from having a little fun this weekend and visiting the playground.

CLICK HERE for more pictures of him and us playing.

Stella 4/17/2008, Dogfest 4/17/2010

Stella had her 2nd birthday yesterday! We celebrated our good girl's day with a trip to DogFest 2010 at Duboce Park, a few blocks from home.

DogFest is a day of fun for dogs and kids alike and the proceeds benefit a neighborhood elementary school.

Stella visited a "mobile doggie spa" to have her nails trimmed, sampled lots of treats, enjoyed romping around, and even met a couple of other bulldogs.

In typical San Francisco fashion, there was quite an array of doggie individualism on display from tutus to dyed pink fur to costumes, as well as an "Animal Communicator" in case your pooch needs some spiritual healing.

She was one pooped dog on the way home:

CLICK HERE for more pictures of Stella's special day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Day

We spent Easter Day with Tom's cousins in Sacramento. Cousins Kathy and Barry recently retired, bought a lovely home on a golf course community, and hosted Easter dinner in their new house.

Jack was dressed up in his Easter finest with a white shirt, matching vest, and tie decorated with bulldogs - a Christmas present from cousin Anne.

Kathy and Barry lived in their previous home for over 20 years with their son, Derek, who is now graduated from college and lives in San Diego. Derek used to have this little-man La-Z-Boy recliner that Tom remembered from when Derek was a kid. Tom always got a kick out of little Derek sitting in his little chair next to his big Dad in his own recliner.

Turns out that Kathy and Barry kept the chair all these years and moved it with them to the new house - and now they've passed the throne on to Jack.

We see lots of reading time in our future together in his new chair.

First Steps

If you've been following our blog, you'll have seen that Jack has been pushing his push-toy lion around for a few weeks now. That lion was so well-loved and we have track marks up and down the hallway from the hours we have spent just walking back and forth with Jack. Recently we've spent less lion-time and more time simply ambling from one piece of furniture to the next. Jack's confidence in taking his first steps is increasing daily.