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Friday, July 11, 2014

Cool Nunchuck Cooly

Jack and I are pleased to announce the arrival of Cool Nunchuck Cooly, or Chuck for short.

I was intrigued by the aquaponics of this new product called Aqua Farm and thought it would be a win-win-win to have a fish for Jack, a fish tank that I don't have to clean and an herb garden that I don't have water or tend to.

The idea of Aqua Farm is that the fish waste is converted into fertilizer for the plants that grow on top of the tank (no soil needed, just water) while simultaneously keeping the tank clean. It's like a self-contained ecosystem. Very cool.

The Aqua Farm. Fish on bottom. Herb garden will grow on top.
After Jack picked out a fish from Petco, we brainstormed some names. Jack wanted something "cool", so he definitively chose "Cool Nunchuck Cooly" because the fish needed a first, middle, and last name (that was not ours). And evidently nunchucks are cool. His nickname was deemed Chuck.
Setting up Chuck's house was pretty easy and we decided to read our bedtime books tonight by Chuck and celebrate his homecoming with three fish/ecosystem themed books.

CLICK HERE to see more pictures.

CLICK HERE to check out more about the Aqua Farm at their website.

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